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BGC Dawson: Exercise Classes for Seniors

By Chad Polito
Special Collaboration

Have you heard about the Healthy Aging Exercise classes at BGC Dawson? After a successful pilot project last fall, they are back thanks to the support of the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN).

The CHSNN was founded in 2000 to support English-speaking communities in the province of Quebec in their efforts to redress health status inequalities and promote community vitality.

The Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI) is a core CHSSN program that uses a population health promotion approach. This approach encourages local and regional partners, as well as English-speaking communities, to strengthen relationships with health and social service providers and address key health determinants.

Healthy Aging Exercises

In Verdun, BGC Dawson recently entered into a new partnership with the CHSSN to support the Anglo Family Council in carrying out the Verdun NPI. The mandate of the Anglo Family Council includes:

Strengthening individuals and families in the community through networking among organizations, institutions and groups that serve the community;

Representing and advocating for a healthy English Speaking community;

Informing the citizens of services that exist for them;

Promoting the development of new services or service delivery;

Encouraging partnerships between organizations to better service the English speaking community.

Through generous funding from the CHSSN the Verdun NPI was able to offer physical fitness activities to support isolated seniors. Healthy Aging Exercises aims to help participants 50 and older maintain adequate levels of strength and wellness to enjoy active lifestyles.

According to Marc Paradis, the seniors program coordinator at BGC Dawson, the main objective of the healthy aging exercise class is to improve the overall health and mobility of seniors. “Seniors are having a difficult time getting back into shape and are struggling to regain the mobility, strength and balance they had pre-COVID, explains Marc.

Under the direction of Henry Tung, a certified Kinesiologist, classes are held once a week and are designed to accommodate participants with different levels of mobility, injuries, or health challenges. All exercises can be done from a chair or standing, or a combination of both! “Henry listens to everyone’s needs and adapts the exercises to their needs and abilities. I love this class and really enjoy coming” shares Nancy.

“I feel a lot better since coming and have less pain in my back”, exclaims Mariette. And for Henry this it what makes the class worth it. “It is encouraging to see the progression of each participant. I am so happy when I see participants performing movements that they found difficult a few weeks ago” concludes Henry.

For more information, or to join the class, please call BGC Dawson at 514-767-9967.

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