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Dimanche, 10 décembre 2023

Healthy Aging Exercise Class

By Chad Polito
Special Collaboration

COVID-19 was rough on all of us and in many cases led to a more sedentary lifestyle. Our daily routines were interrupted and activities that we became accustomed to were shut down or moved online. Seniors were directly impacted by the pandemic with social programs coming to a halt and in-person physical fitness classes closing for months.

This fall, BGC Dawson reopened all in-person fitness classes for seniors including open gym, ping-pong, yoga, and a new healthy aging exercise class. According to Marc Paradis, the seniors program coordinator at Dawson, the main objective of the healthy aging exercise class is to improve the overall health and mobility of seniors. “Seniors are having a difficult time getting back into shape and are struggling to regain the mobility, strength and balance they had pre-COVID” explains Marc.

Healthy aging is a supervised exercise class which aims to help participants 50 and older maintain adequate levels of strength and wellness to enjoy active lifestyles. Classes are designed to accommodate participants with different levels of mobility, injuries or health challenges. Body weight and resistance provided from small weights and elastics are used to provide suitable exercising intensity. All exercises can be done from a chair or standing, or a combination of both!

Henry Tung, a certified Kinesiologist, leading the class.

BGC Dawson is pleased to have Henry Tung, a certified Kinesiologist with the Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec, leading the class. Henry has been working with the senior population in providing exercises of adapted intensity since 2018 and has continued to do so both in individual and group settings.

Each class is unique and is adapted to the needs of participants. “Strength, Balance, and Confidence. That’s my goal and wish for every participant” explains Henry. “I hope that each person will get stronger with each class and that they will be able to safely participate in daily activities they enjoy!”

Nancy Lenhan has nothing but positive comments to say about the class. “Henry is very attentive to the needs of all of us. Every exercise can be easily adapted to those at different levels of mobility.”

After a few short weeks in the program, Nancy has already seen improvements in her shoulder and muscles. “Henry is great, and the exercises are exactly what I need. I would highly recommend this class!”

Nothing but positive comments to say about the class…

For more information or to register for the class, please call BGC Dawson at 514-767-9967.

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