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Lundi, 04 décembre 2023

Christmas Lights around Verdun


Have you seen the giant lit moose downtown yet? It’s in the enchanted alley off Wellington Street.

The 13-foot high decoration by Promenade Wellington forms just one of many must-see Christmas decorations in the borough right now.

You also can’t miss the display on a duplex on 2nd Avenue between Bannantyne and Verdun. Five sisters and their partners have been putting up lights there for 30 years. Check out CTV’s interview with Aris Richie Bent.

David Loutfi has created a map to see some wonderful lights in the same neighbourhood.




If you like inflatables, dancing lights and lots of hanging decorations, you’ll want to see the house decorated by Dawn Muir and her partner on Crawford Street, just south of Ouimet. Keep walking south to see a house wrapped up like a Christmas gift. These are just two among lots of wonderful lights throughout Crawford Park.

Do you have a holiday display you love in Verdun? Share it with us so that we can all enjoy them.

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