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Samedi, 09 décembre 2023

BGC Dawson Celebrates National Childcare Provider Week

By Chad Polito

This week is National Childcare Provider Appreciation week. A week dedicated to honouring those who invest in caring for and nurturing children. From day care workers to teachers, everyone involved in providing care to children is celebrated. BGC Dawson has an entire team of animators who provide essential childcare services to the community day-after-day and do so with passion and excitement.

Our team is always there!” says Cindy Cohen, Children’s Program Coordinator at BGC Dawson. “They truly care and are invested in providing quality programming for the kids”.  The Children’s Programs at BGC Dawson have four distinct program areas: after-school, weekend, virtual, and day camps.  All programs include educational, recreational, and artistic components to enrich the development of children in their care. According to Cohen, the main objective of the program is “to offer a safe and inclusive space where members can develop new skills and learn positive habits, to live healthy, active lives.” 

The children’s programs are where the fun is! Each child is seen, heard, and engaged in activities that are based on their interests. The program is not just for children, it’s a space where parents and guardians can come for support and just be themselves. 

Even during the pandemic when children could not physically be in the building, BGC Dawson offered virtual programs like KidTech Nation, Jumpstart and Girls Group, reaching members from both on and off the island of Montreal !

This past September exciting programs resumed in-person for the after-school program. From science programs like Discovery Lab to the Hockey Program “Know Better Play Better”, BGC Dawson’s animators were there to care for children. When needs for additional homework support became known, BGC Dawson was quick to launch a weekend homework support program called Hurdle Help. 

Over the past year, BGC Dawson’s team of animators provided 1024 hours of programming and 80 hours of virtual programs!

When asked about the impact of BGC Dawson’s programs in their life, one parent responded: “Cindy and her friendly, competent staff are helping to mold and influence my son in such a positive and loving atmosphere. They have fostered an environment of genuine care and respect for the children, you can tell they love what they do and it shows in the smiles of all the children – Thank you BGC!”

To learn more about the programs and services that BGC Dawson has to offer, please visit our site…

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