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BGC Dawson: Community Lunches Resume

By Chad Polito
Special Collaboration

Are you looking for a social outing that will get you out of the house, provide the opportunity to connect with friends or meet new ones, all while enjoying a healthy meal?  Why not head over to BGC Dawson for a community lunch!

Community lunches have been a much-appreciated service offered by BGC Dawson’s Food and Sustainability department. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, BGC Dawson was obligated to suspend these community lunches to respect public health guidelines. With the easing of restrictions, BGC Dawson is happy to announce that they will resume the community lunches on May 18, 2022.

“I really enjoyed the community lunches at Dawson” explains Barbara who attended community lunches before the pandemic. “It was something that I looked forward to every week and it was so nice. The fresh bread, soups, and salads were always delicious.”

Gwen has been volunteering at the community lunches since they launched at BGC Dawson several years ago. “I really love the lunches. It’s a lot of work preparing for them, but we have a great team of volunteers who are passionate and who work so well together.”

Community Chef Marc McKeown joined the team at BGC Dawson in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and is looking forward to relaunching this much-needed service to the community. “I am looking forward to getting people back together once again after being in isolation for such a long time.”

When asked what people can expect on May 18th, McKeown promised that the community will not be disappointed. “Our team is putting together a classic boeuf bourguignon served with crusty bread, fresh salad and of course the soup of the day.” After a time of socialization, a special dessert will be served to top off the meal.

Through a pay-what-you-can model, the community lunches provide the opportunity for community members to socialize, meet new friends, and break down isolation, all while enjoying a healthy meal prepared by BGC Dawson’s chefs and volunteers. “Through these lunches, you really get to know the community,” adds Gwen. “Everyone was so appreciative of the meals and we always received great reviews!”

To ensure the safety of everyone, the community lunches will now be held in the gym where there is more space and increased ventilation. Whether this is your first time, or you have been attending for years, all are welcome to join the next community lunch at BGC Dawson (666 rue Woodland) on May 18th at 12 noon.

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