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Toujours ensemble’s Holiday Food Baskets Benefited 303 Verdun-IDS Families

Michelle Louis was amazed to see the amount of people and work involved in coordinating Toujours ensemble’s annual food baskets campaign. She moved to Canada from Île Maurice with her husband and two children two years ago and decided to make Verdun their permanent home. “We benefitted from Toujours ensemble’s services, and my kids love their activities. Now, I’m proud to work here and help other families in Verdun get through the holidays and feel part of the community,” she says.

According to Melissa Bellerose, Executive Director of Toujours ensemble, the winter campaign provides more than food and gift cards to people in need. “This campaign also helps to break isolation and bring the community together,” she says. “Volunteers are happy to deliver our baskets to each family’s home and connect with them in a meaningful way.”

Holiday Campaign Highlights

  • 303 food baskets distributed
  • 60 volunteers and staff participated in the distribution of food baskets on December 22
  • Total of 130 volunteers took part in preparations
  • 90 donors contributed to this year’s campaign

Each basket is filled with food and ingredients sourced from local markets, ensuring families can cook up a nice holiday meal. There is also a week’s worth of groceries, small treats, grocery cards, and gift cards for the families of Toujours ensemble.

Left to right: Michelle Louis, worker at Toujours ensemble, and volunteers Anne-Pauline Dambrine and
Karine Leduc

Toujours ensemble wants to thank all those who contributed to this year’s campaign, including these local businesses and partners:

  • Ambiance, une résidence du Groupe Maurice (Ile-des-Sœurs)
  • Café Jardin
  • Canadian Tire de Verdun
  • CJE Verdun (boîtes)
  • Coca Cola Canada
  • Courchesne Larose
  • Groupe GSoft
  • IGA Gérard Champagne
  • Les Producteurs de lait du Québec
  • Marché Bonanza Lalumière
  • Marché Tondreau
  • Moisson Montréal
  • Réchaud-Bus
  • Tremcar Inc. Division Montréal
  • Winners avenue Dollard
  • Wrebbit Puzzles Inc. (boxes and puzzles)

Also, two food drives were organized by the team at Dollard Avenue Winners and Tremcar, and the following organizations took part in three corporate volunteer days:

  • Groupe Gsoft (candy and chocolate cone making)
  • Power Corporation (hot chocolate mason jar making)
  • MNP Quebec, Symcor and Mirego (food basket preparation)

Toujours ensemble’s staff will be taking a two-week break and resuming activities on Monday January 9, 2023. The entire team at Toujours ensemble wishes everyone Happy Holidays and New Year!

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