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Toujours ensemble : A touch of magic

With the holiday season approach often comes a desire to connect with one another and spread happiness.  Opportunities to give and get involved multiply during this unique time of year, and during this festive whirlwind, it can sometimes be difficult to choose your special act.

The employees of Toujours ensemble share their delicate touch of magic with you!

Steve Doucet, cook and supervisor of the PAAS-Action program, takes advantage of the arrival of winter to go through his family’s winter clothes and donate the items in good condition to organizations that work with homeless people.

For Florence Garneau, a former Toujours ensemble participant who is now a parent-student resource counsellor with the Pathways to Education program, it’s an opportunity to buy items chosen specifically to diversify the food banks’ offerings: “I definitely check to see what the food bank accepts, but I try to choose items that are less frequently found in donations, such as hygiene products or holiday treats.”

Tamara Speth, executive assistant, and Viviane Auberson-Lavoie, youth worker with the Parcours program and school lunches, set aside time together to write personalized holiday cards to be distributed to people living in residence who receive few visitors.

Tamara Speth

Christine Vallières, philanthropic development and communications advisor at Toujours ensemble is the key person when it comes to donations to the organization: “We are always touched when people think of us and want to help. We certainly appreciate financial donations; often we have targeted needs with our families, or we organize large-scale campaigns, and the challenge is always to find the funds. Our other driving force is volunteerism, the gift of time. Many of our projects would simply not be possible without our volunteers.” And her personal magic touch? “I like to surprise a more isolated person in my circle or friends who are going through more intense times with a meal cooked especially for them.” To learn more about Toujours ensemble, please visit https://toujoursensemble.org/

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