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Jeudi, 13 juin 2024

The art of shaping your own way

Story Juliana Zerda
Translation Sebastián Krieger

Right down 4th Avenue in Verdun, in the middle of the block, you will find Céramik B. It’s a magical, luminous workshop, where each object is a spark of creativity originated by the hands of its creator.

The master behind each piece is Basma Osama, a Montrealer with Egyptian origin, who settled in Verdun in 2018 to conquer and share all her talent.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she arrived in 1995 for a Master’s degree in Sociology. Unexpectedly, what started as a ceramics course, became not only her profession but also her passion and the discovery of a talent.

Balance, harmony and peace are Basma’s words to describe her craft. And these three words can describe each of her art pieces. Several collections of porcelain tableware, murals and collaborations that, according to her own words, stand out “by a refined craftsmanship focused on a pure and organic line”. And all this experience, passion and talent will be shared with the public in general through a new offer of courses available on site from May 2023.

The profession of ceramist is one of the oldest in the world. It has accompanied the evolution of society and has allowed the survival of many generations of craftsmen. In Verdun, we are fortunate to have a ceramist, Basma Osama, creative spirit; an outstanding artisan who in her own way has shaped her wonderful workshop Ceramik B.


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