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Mehrdad Anvari: entrepreneurship and leadership

Lydia Alder


Mehrdad Anvari arrived in Canada, in Verdun, on December 25, 2005 with an engineering degree in his pocket, a few words of English and a fur hat. Plus a good dose of determination. He had all he needed to make a new home.

Mehrdad holds an electrician and plumber’s license and is also a certified carpenter. While working in the construction industry, he attended Concordia University to learn English and obtain a Quebec diploma. His unusual determination and success surprised classmates. If you meet him, ask him to tell you the story of the plaster foot he made for one of his classes. It’s a great example of his ability to find solutions and never give up. He graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering and Construction Management (MEng).

In 2007, Mehrdad founded IDNC – Intelligent Design and Construction, which is located on Promenade Wellington in Verdun.

IDNC provides high quality efficient design and renovation services. He surrounds himself with a team of architects, designers, general contractors, and engineers who design, build and renovate residential and commercial buildings. His projects are known for their furniture, colour, and material harmony. His team is conscientious, meticulous and professional. They frequently work on projects for local business owners and individuals.

Despite a busy career, this father of two also works hard for the community. Mehrdad sits on two boards of directors: the Fondation des écoles primaires de L’Île-des-Sœurs and the Réseau Affaires Verdun. There, his analytical side leads him to propose solutions and take action. He is a man of his word and it’s clear to everyone that he takes real pleasure in helping our community, whether to improve elementary schools or connect business owners. If he seems a little introverted the first time you meet him, don’t worry. After he analyzes the situation, he’ll make you laugh and, most importantly, he’ll earn your respect.

I met Merhdad at the Foundation and really appreciated his ideas and support. Over the years, we have become friends and he never ceases to surprise me. He’s impressed me as much with the quality of his projects (IDNC redid my terrace… and I now have a dream yard!) as for his talents as a cook, a cheese-maker and on a paddle board with my family. That’s just how he is. Once he starts something, he does it perfectly. He has lots of fun too!

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