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Man arrested for Shao Jing Lu’s murder


Last Friday, police charged Frank Cao for the first-degree murder of Nun’s Island resident Shao Jing Lu.

Shao Jing Lu’s body was found in her car on Sept. 7, 2020 in the indoor parking lot of her apartment building on rue de la Rotonde. An autopsy determined that she died “of injuries caused by the physical force of another person”.

The police arrested Cao in Sainte-Catherine Friday morning. He appeared in front of a judge in the afternoon and will remain in jail until his hearing.

If you saw anything pertinent last September or if you have any information about Cao, you can speak anonymously with investigators at Info-Crime Montréal, (514) 393-1133. You can also send them an email at infocrimemontreal.ca.

For more information, refer to the police press release and the memory page for Shao Jing Lu. 


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