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It started with a pair of jeans at Ambiance

During the year 2023, on Fridays, the management team could buy their daily jeans for $2. A clean outfit obviously but with the right to wear jeans. During the year, $120 was raised for these “purchased” days.

With this $120, the rental and leisure team bought materials to make things so they could sell them at the Christmas market. With the help of a few residents, in the workshop during the month of November, they made hot chocolate “mixe”, fragrant candles and little Christmas potpourris.

In addition, with a voluntary contribution, visitors to the Christmas market could drink mulled wine and eat sweet snacks. The result of all this is spectacular!

$1,230 was raised during this beautiful festive day, last December 2 at Ambiance!

Other good news, the Luc Maurice foundation told us this week that they would double this amount!!! So $2460 was given to Alexis Lebrun, Team Coordinator – South-West sector for the Little Brothers!

Congratulations to all the teams and people involved in this great project! With these dollars, we give a little help to the Little Brothers, in order to contribute to their mission of breaking isolation among seniors.

Source Susie Deveault, Ambiance

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