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Blue Health – Cardio and Yoga with the Valerie’s at the Parc de Lacoursière

Story Juliana Zerda
Translation Sebastián Krieger

Every Monday from April 17 to June 19, Verdunites will have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of two health professionals who have set up their cardioyoga bootcamp right on the waterfront.

Valérie Homier and Valérie Michalk, the two Valérie, join forces to encourage people to get out and exercise. The formula cardio and yoga aims to work the whole body, in addition to enjoying the environment: the freshness of water, the trees, the birds. So, they take advantage of the health benefits related to a blue space environment.

A partnership for adult’s health

Valérie Homier is a doctor by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. She grew up on a sailboat two months a year. With solar panels and windmills, she got used to sailing with her parents, eating fresh fish and enjoying sunsets and sunrises. Her childhood life was spent on the rivers and the sea; that’s how water is anchored in her life. Today she owns a family business, Waterlife, a company that was born out of a passion to provide experiences on and around the water, with or without accommodations. They offer 4-season, eco-friendly floating home solutions. The vision of the company is to create a floating village, a community of people interested in living in a Zen way, for their body and their environment. Her dream is to become the doctor in the village. www.waterlife.ca

Valérie Michalk, on its part, is an osteopath and kinesiologist by profession. She’s the owner of Ostéo-forme Valérie, where she offers yoga, osteopathy, massage therapy, kinesiology and physiotherapy. www.osteoformevalerie.ca Valérie Michaulk knows at heart the balance provided by physical health, so she is also a passionate sportswoman: on her record, she has completed 7 full Ironman and 5 Half Ironman.

While Valérie Homier sees in the emergency room all kinds of diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc.) that can be fought with a good physical activity, Valérie Michalk treats in her practice injuries produced by bad postures.

So, the two Valéries have merged to respond to people who want to be in shape by doing outdoor activity near the water. They started last year at the Nuns’ Island Golf Course, and later, in the fall, they moved to Espace Navi. Now they are launching their offer for spring.

By joining forces, they have assumed the mission to provide adults the opportunity to do at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, which are required to stay in shape.

The Cardio Yoga Bootcamp consists of 10 Mondays and is open to adults from 18 to 60 years who have an intermediate level of yoga. 20 minutes of cardio, 60 minutes of strength training and 10 minutes of stretching. In classes 5 and 10 they also offer an evaluation of how people do their movements in order to improve their posture and decrease injury risks.

With the two Valérie, Verdunites will be able to enjoy the benefits of blue health while improving their physical fitness.

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